Shaving is the act of removing body hairs using a razor blade. Both men and women shave. Women usually shave their under arm and leg hairs while men usually shaves their facial hairs and their head. Shaving has been a part of human being's proper hygiene as of today. Sometimes, people would say that a guy is untidy when he hasn't shaved his facial hair.


Shaving, just like any other things that we do,  also requires safe procedures and precautions. Careless shaving or the use of inappropriate products may cause us harm and in order to avoid this,  here are some tips and things that you need to remember when shaving or buying products that are used for shaving; when it comes to the blades that you are going to use in shaving, make sure that it is in a high quality.  You can ask advice on your colleagues or friends on what kind of brand of razor blades they use and if it worked well on them. While when it comes to buying a shaving cream,  you have to make sure that the shaving cream is for sensitive skin because a low quality shaving cream may cause your skin to irritate.


There are also certain procedures that you need to follow in shaving.  First, you have to wash the area or the part that you want to shave. Washing helps to soften the hair which will make it easier to shave. The next step is to apply or put a shaving cream and leave it on for two to three minutes. The shaving cream at also helps in moisturizing your face and in softening the hair for a hassle free shaving. Shave gently,  going with the direction that the hair grows. Shaving with the opposite direction will likely to give you irritation and cuts. And then after shaving, wash the area that you shaved properly and then clean your blade by washing it thoroughly with warm water. Let your blade dry and try to remove the hair that remained in the blade. And after that,  soak the blade in alcohol to remove bacteria.



An important reminder,  do not forget to change your razor blades regularly.  If you feel like the blade you are is using is already blunt, then that's the time to buy and replace your razor blade with new ones. Using dull razor blades can cause cuts and can also cause your skin to irritate, check it here